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Rok Racing is also a highly respected tuner for all speedway engines. Our services are very reasonable and also come highly recommended

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Based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK. Rok Racing is centrally located for all riders.

Robbie Kessler, is the owner of Rok Racing and besides from being a Professional Speedway Rider, he is a fully skilled and Certified CNC Engineer. Trained in Germany, his expertise of engineering prior to his speedway career, has allowed RoK Racing to create and offer to you the user, superbly specified clutch plates for intense useage.

Having a full understanding of the type of plate needed to win, Robbie Kessler created these outstanding clutch plates for all motorcycleriders to enjoy, at all levels of competition!

Shipping worldwide, Rok Racing Clutch Plates are accessible to riders in all countries, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia....If you need RoK Racing Clutch Plates, we can ship them to you!


Robbie Kessler

Tel: 07940522121


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