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RoK Racing Products

are designed fully with the knowledge of what is needed to win!

Produce lightening starts, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of leading the pack to the checkered flag!

Designed with YOU in mind!


Performance Solutions

Rok Racing is also a highly respected tuner for all speedway engines. Our services are very reasonable and also come highly recommended

Welcome to RoK Racing!

RoK Racing is a manufacturer of premium race clutch plates for speedway racing!

Designed to produce that important start, our goal is to bring quality and assurance to the rider at the start gate!

Owned and operated by a well-respected speedway rider, Robbie Kessler, his knowledge of the short-comings of other brands makes these clutch plates something to be seen!

Why buy RoK Racing clutch plates?

  1. Fast Lightening Fast Starts
  2. The Plates Work Hard For You!
  3. Win From The Front Of The Pack!
  4. Smooth Release!
  5. Consistent Meeting Use!
  6. Be A Winner Every Time!

Tried and Tested

The clutch plates have been under tremendous testing since their creation, and have been proven in their use by top Elite and International class riders!

Designed by a Professional speedway rider who understands the importance of winning, these clutch plates give you the edge you have been looking for!

Tired of inconsistent grabbing? bad starts?


Professional Riders USE RoK Racing Services

Knowledge of perfection is the utmost importance for any motorcycle racing team!

Rok Racing gives you that confidence that professional riders feel, be it in their superb clutch plates, or in the race tuned engine in your frame? Winning is the name of the game!

Take no chances, win from the start with RoK Racing!